Designation: CEO

My name is Diana, and I am a CEO of neurobotx. I am passionate about neuroscience, robotics, VR and AI. I spent my Phd and the last 15 years on combining these, with over a dozen scientific publications, as well as a major in Philosophy and Logic. During my Phd, I used two photon microscopy combined with patch clamp recordings in the brains of mice while they were experiencing a VR arena. The main aim of my research has been to convince the brain that the VR is real, and see how the brain maps that digital space. I then applied this method in world top level labs and institutions, working under direct supervision of my Nobel laureate mentors. I have also helped coin the terms Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) through Whole Brain Emulation (WBE). With all these insights, I am currently the CEO and founder of neurobotx which is the pioneer in truly brain-inspired computing currently revolutionizing the fields of aerospace, VR, neuroscience, mobility and robotics.

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