Designation: Senior Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Emirates Centre for Mobility Research (ECMR)

Dr Umair has a PhD in civil engineering with specialization in transport and infrastructure management from Curtin University, Australia. He is currently working as a Senior Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Emirates Centre for Mobility Research (ECMR) at the UAE University. In the last two years, he coordinated and supported the development of several grant proposals and industry projects with Integrated Transport Centre Abu Dhabi and Department of Health Abu Dhabi. He has co-led the development of a bayesian mathematical model for analysing the spread of COVID-19 in the UAE under various mobility-restricting NPI scenarios. He also served as a transport specialist on Abu Dhabi’s Integrated Micromobility Project. He has extensively worked on modelling the driver behaviour and vehicle platooning behaviour on Abu Dhabi roads relying on microsimulation modelling to produce high-resolution traffic-flow profile datasets and determine the long-term impact of various traffic management scenarios.

He’s currently working on a driver behaviour analysis study on aggressive and distracted driving study in Abu Dhabi with ITC, KEO and Abu Dhabi Police.

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