Designation: R&D Project Manager, BrainSigns

Ing. Vincenzo Ronca got his bachelor’s degree in Clinical Engineer and his Master Degree in Biomedical Engineer at Sapienza University of Rome. In 2015 he did his Master thesis in Paris, for a period of six months, working on an electroencephalographic study in the automotive industry. For two years, he worked in a french startup, managing neuro-consulting project, managing neuro-ergonomic studies and participating in research activity based on neurophysiologic signals (Electroencephalogram). Today, Dr. Ronca has been attending the PhD in Morphogenesis and Tissue Engineering, Biophysics curriculum, at the Department of Anatomical, Histological, Forensic and Orthopedic Sciences at the Sapienza University of Rome. He is also collaborating in BrainSigns as Biomedical Engineer, working on different European project such as Mindtooth, WorkingAge, Safemode, FitDrive and Artimation, working on the processing and analysis of neurophysiologic signals (Electroencephalogram, Heart Rate, Galvanic Skin Response).

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